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That's no moon...

Carpenter Elizabeth

A conservative is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run.

Elizabeth I

Live fast, die young, and leave a flat patch of fur on the highway!

Elizabeth John Greenway

Law enforcement officers should use only the minimum force necessary in dealing with disorders when they arise.

Fee Elizabeth

Three things have been difficult to tame: The oceans, fools, and women. We may soon be able to tame the ocean. Fools and women will take a little longer.

Gordon Karen Elizabeth

After the ground war began, captured Iraqi soldiers said any of them caught by superiors wearing a white T-shirt would be executed because of the ease with which the shirts could be used as surrender flags. Some Iraqi soldiers carried bleach with th

Taylor Elizabeth

If there is a wrong way to do something, then someone will do it.

Zwart Elizabeth Clarkson

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What we see depends on mainly what we look for.
Lubbock John

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Elizabeth I
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