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All the big corporations depreciate their possessions, and you can, too, provided you use them for business purposes. For example, if you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, a business-related newspaper, you can deduct the cost of your house, beca

John Kennedy

Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

Kennedy John F.

"We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!"

Kennedy John F.

Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.

Kennedy John F.

The idea there was that consumers would bring their broken electronic devices, such as television sets and VCR's, to the destruction centers, where trained personnel would whack them (the devices) with sledgehammers. With their devices thus permanent

Kennedy John F.

Every young man should have a hobby: learning how to handle money is the best one.

Kennedy John Fitzgerald

Take what you can use and let the rest go by.

Kennedy John

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A decade after Vietnam, we still cannot understand why "their" Salvadorans fight better than "our" Salvadorans. It is not a matter of their training or their equipment. It has to do with the quality of the society we are asking them to risk death d
LeoGrande William

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John Kennedy
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