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It is through symbols that man consciously or unconsciously lives, works and has his being.

Ca Mona

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.


Bond reflected that good Americans were fine people and that most of them seemed to come from Texas.

Caen Herb

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

Caen Herb

"You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive."

Caesar Augustus

You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Caesar Augustus

I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark.

Caesar Gaius Julius

A good scapegoat is hard to find. A guilty conscience is the mother of invention.

Caesar Gaius Julius

"You and I as individuals can, by borrowing, live beyond our means, but only for a limited period of time. Why should we think that collectively, as a nation, we are not bound by that same limitation?"

Caesar Gaius Julius

Education and religion are two things not regulated by supply and demand. The less of either the people have, the less they want.

Caesar Julius

Perhaps the remembrance of these things will prove a source of future pleasure.

Caesar Sid

I just need enough to tide me over until I need more.

Cage John

Life would be tolerable but for its amusements.

Cage John

If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.


If two people love each other, there can be no happy end to it.

Cam Kurt Vonnegut

All other things being equal, a bald man cannot be elected President of the United States.

Cameron Simon

Not to laugh, not to lament, not to curse, but to understand.

Cami Pat Calafia

You're never too old to become younger.

Camp Henry N.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.


Alas, I am dying beyond my means.

Camus A.

April 1 This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four.

Camus Albert

If a shameless woman expects to be defiled and then dies of her fierce love because you do not consent, will chastity also be homicide?

Camus Albert

"Nuclear war would really set back cable."

Camus Albert

Feminists say 60 percent of the country's wealth is in the hands of women. They're letting men hold the other 40 percent because their handbags are full.

Camus Albert

"I only touch base with reality on an as-needed basis!"

Camus Albert

The Bible is not my Book and Christianity is not my religion. I could never give assent to the long complicated statements of Christian dogma.

Capone Al

"What's this? Trix? Aunt! Trix? You? You're after the prize! What is it?" He picked up the box and studied the back. "A glow-in-the-dark squid! Have you got it out of there yet?" He tilted the box, angling the little colored balls of cereal

Capone Al

Suffering alone exists, none who suffer; The deed there is, but no doer thereof; Nirvana is, but no one is seeking it; The Path there is, but none who travel it.

Capone Al

Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.

Capp Andy

When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the thing," it's the money.

Captain Ahab

What makes you think graduate school is supposed to be satisfying?

Cardozo Benjamin

You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence.

Carlevale Edmund

All is well that ends well.

Carlin George

Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.


The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made.

Carlyle Thomas

There is always one thing to remember: writers are always selling somebody out.

Carlyle Thomas

What I tell you three times is true.

Carlyle Thomas

The flush toilet is the basis of Western civilization.

Carlyle Thomas

Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

Carnegie Andrew

"Hey, Sam, how about a loan?" "Whattaya need?" "Oh, about $500." "Whattaya got for collateral?" "Whattaya need?" "How about an eye?"

Carpenter Elizabeth

I'm never through with a girl until I've had her three ways.

Carroll Lewis

You can always pick up your needle and move to another groove.

Carroll Lewis

An office party is not, as is sometimes supposed the Managing Director's chance to kiss the tea-girl. It is the tea-girl's chance to kiss the Managing Director (however bizarre an ambition this may seem to anyone who has seen the Managing Director f

Carroll Lewis

I just got off the phone with Sonny Barger [President of the Hell's Angels]. He wants me to appear as a character witness for him at his murder trial and said he'd be glad to appear as a character witness on my behalf if I ever needed one. Needless

Carroll Lewis

The human race is a race of cowards; and I am not only marching in that procession but carrying a banner.

Carroll Lewis

You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.

Carson Johnny

No problem is so formidable that you can't just walk away from it.

Carson Johnny

If you catch a man, throw him back.

Carson Johnny

What's a cult? It just means not enough people to make a minority.

Carson Johnny

Luck can't last a lifetime, unless you die young.

Carter Jimmy

Don't be humble ... you're not that great.

Carus Titus Lucretius

Dear Ann Landers: My husband watches the TV preachers every Sunday. He claims one minister said there are 350 different sins. My husband wants to know if you can get the list. He thinks he is missing something.

Carus Titus Lucretius

The question is, why are politicians so eager to be president? What is it about the job that makes it worth revealing, on national television, that you have the ethical standards of a slime-coated piece of industrial waste?

Carus Titus Lucretius

I must have a prodigious quantity of mind; it takes me as much as a week sometimes to make it up.

Carus Titus Lucretius

"Acceptance without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western religion, Rejection without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western science."

Cassidy Butch

Extreme fear can neither fight nor fly.

Castro Fidel

They're giving bank robbing a bad name.

Catalog Whole Earth

God instructs the heart, not by ideas, but by pains and contradictions.

Catflap Filthy Rich and

Hollywood is where if you don't have happiness you send out for it.

Catlin Wynn

Who goeth a-borrowing goeth a-sorrowing.


"If we relied conclusively on scientific data for every one of our findings, I'm afraid all of our work would be inconclusive."

Cato Marcus Procius

I accept chaos. I am not sure whether it accepts me. I know some people are terrified of the bomb. But then some people are terrified to be seen carrying a modern screen magazine. Experience teaches us that silence terrifies people the most.

Catullus Gaius Valerius

If Jesus Christ came to this town, people would say, great guy; terrible carpenter.

Catullus Gaius Valerius

Nitwit ideas are for emergencies. You use them when you've got nothing else to try. If they work, they go in the Book. Otherwise you follow the Book, which is largely a collection of nitwit ideas that worked.

Catullus Gaius Valerius

Liberals are the first to dump you if you con them or get into trouble. Conservatives are better. They never run out on you.

Caussade De

Political speeches are like steer horns. A point here, a point there, and a lot of bull inbetween.

Cavour Camillo Di

Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Celine Louis-Ferdinand

The use of money is all the advantage there is to having money.


"Well," Brahma said, "even after ten thousand explanations, a fool is no wiser, but an intelligent man requires only two thousand five hundred."


The Anglo-Saxon conscience does not prevent the Anglo-Saxon from sinning, it merely prevents him from enjoying his sin.


He was a fiddler, and consequently a rogue.


I went to a Grateful Dead Concert and they played for SEVEN hours. Great song.

Cervantes Miguel de

"Life is too important to take seriously."

Cervantes Miguel de

There must be more to life than having everything.

Cervantes Miguel de

Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like to have a woman President? "I can't deal with the Russians today. Not now. I've got my period."

Cervantes Miguel de

As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.

Cervantes Miguel de

You can't depend on the man who made the mess to clean it up.

Cervantes Miguel de

Even the clearest and most perfect circumstantial evidence is likely to be at fault, after all, and therefore ought to be received with great caution. Take the case of any pencil, sharpened by any woman; if you have witnesses, you will find she did

Cervantes Miguel de

A conservative is a man who believes that nothing should be done for the first time.

Cervantes Miguel de

Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come.

Cervantes Miguel de

A vacuum is a hell of a lot better than some of the stuff that nature replaces it with.

Cervantes Miguel de

We should have a great many fewer disputes in the world if only words were taken for what they are, the signs of our ideas only, and not for things themselves.

Cervantes Miguel de

Mum's the word.

Ch St. John

The penalty for laughing in a courtroom is six months in jail; if it were not for this penalty, the jury would never hear the evidence.

Chadwick Hal

Why, when no honest man will deny in private that every ultimate problem is wrapped in the profoundest mystery, do honest men proclaim in pulpits that unhesitating certainty is the duty of the most foolish and ignorant? Is it not a spectacle to make

Chamfort Nicolas

Now, you might ask, "How do I get one of those complete home tool sets for under $4?" An excellent question. Go to one of those really cheap discount stores where they sell plastic furniture in colors visible from the planet Neptune and where they

Chandler Raymond

Majorities, of course, start with minorities.

Chandler Raymond

It's not a sin not to be Irish, but it is a great shame.

Chandler Raymond

Why, every one as they like; as the good woman said when she kissed her cow.

Chandler Raymond

The reasons that each of these countries has had to renege on its financial committments were all somewhat different: Argentina because of a war, Poland because of its vast misguided overinvestment in heavy industry, Honduras because the coffee price

Channing William Ellery

Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.

Chapelain Maurice

To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war.

Chaplin Charlie

It looks like it's up to me to save our skins. Get into that garbage chute, flyboy!

Chapman George

Playing an unamplified electric guitar is like strumming on a picnic table.

Charles Chincholles

It's our fault. We should have given him better parts.

Charles Darling

If we don't survive, we don't do anything else.

Charles Darling

To use violence is to already be defeated.

Charles Dickens

It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: "And this, too, shall pass away."

Charles Dickens

You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.

Charles Dickens

Facts are the enemy of truth.

Charles Ives

Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.

Charles Schulz

"In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point."

Charlie Crazy

To say you got a vote of confidence would be to say you needed a vote of confidence.


Plots are like girdles. Hidden, they hold your interest; revealed, they're of no interest except to fetishists. Like girdles, they attempt to contain an uncontainable experience.


The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.

Chavez Cesar

It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.

Chaykin Howard

Women of genius commonly have masculine faces, figures and manners. In transplanting brains to an alien soil God leaves a little of the original earth clinging to the roots.


Things are more like they are today than they ever were before.

Cheever John

Good government never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern. The machinery of government is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element of government, therefore,

Chesterson Gilbert K.

Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Stepanakert, capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh autonomous region, rioted over much needed spelling reform in the Soviet Union.

Chesterton G. K.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Chesterton G.K.

And what accomplished villains these old engineers were! What diabolical ways to sabotage they found! Nikolai Karlovich von Meck, of the People's Comissariat of Railroads ... would hold forth for hours on end about the economic problems involved in

Chesterton G.K.

BS: You remind me of a man. B: What man? BS: The man with the power. B: What power? BS: The power of voodoo. B: Voodoo? BS: You do. B: Do what? BS: Remind me of a man. B: What man? BS: The man with the power...

Chesterton G.K.

The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means.

Chesterton G.K.

Fortune Documents the Great Legal Decisions: We think that we may take judicial notice of the fact that the term "bitch" may imply some feeling of endearment when applied to a female of the canine species but that it is seldom, if ever, so used whe

Chesterton G.K.

Never buy what you do not want because it is cheap; it will be dear to you.

Chesterton G.K.

Since a politician never believes what he says, he is surprised when others believe him.

Chesterton G.K.

Democracy is good. I say this because other systems are worse.

Chevalier Maurice

Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.

Chevins Anthony

By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity. Another man's, I mean.

Chichester Reverend

A decade after Vietnam, we still cannot understand why "their" Salvadorans fight better than "our" Salvadorans. It is not a matter of their training or their equipment. It has to do with the quality of the society we are asking them to risk death d

Chill The Big

A little inaccuracy saves a world of explanation.


Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

Chris Robert

A witty saying proves nothing.

Christ Jesus

Honesty's the best policy.


Naked children have never played in _o_u_r fountains, and I.M. Pei will never be happy on Route 66.


(1) Avoid fried meats which angry up the blood. (2) If your stomach antagonizes you, pacify it with cool thoughts. (3) Keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as you move. (4) Go very lightly on the vices, such as carrying on in society, as

Chuck Jones

This novel is not to be tossed lightly aside, but to be hurled with great force.


If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.

Churchill W.

Gratitude and treachery are merely the two extremities of the same procession. You have seen all of it that is worth staying for when the band and the gaudy officials have gone by.

Churchill Winston

The smallest worm will turn being trodden on.

Churchill Winston

Another such victory over the Romans, and we are undone.

Churchill Winston

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

Churchill Winston

No matter whether th' constitution follows th' flag or not, th' supreme court follows th' iliction returns.

Churchill Winston

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

Churchill Winston

Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.

Churchill Winston

Any priest or shaman must be presumed guilty until proved innocent.

Churchill Winston

The English instinctively admire any man who has no talent and is modest about it.

Churchill Winston

A businessman is a hybrid of a dancer and a calculator.

Churchill Winston

If a guru falls in the forest with no one to hear him, was he really a guru at all?

Churchill Winston

"I wonder", he said to himself, "what's in a book while it's closed. Oh, I know it's full of letters printed on paper, but all the same, something must be happening, because as soon as I open it, there's a whole story with people I don't know yet

Churchill Winston

It's not so hard to lift yourself by your bootstraps once you're off the ground.

Churchill Winston

Divorce is a game played by lawyers.

Churchill Winston

XLI: The more one produces, the less one gets. XLII: Simple systems are not feasible because they require infinite testing. XLIII: Hardware works best when it matters the least. XLIV: Aircraft flight in the 21st century will always be in a we

Churchill Winston

With Congress, every time they make a joke it's a law; and every time they make a law it's a joke.

Churchill W.

To add insult to injury.

Churchill W.

Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools.

Churchill Winston

Dying is one of the few things that can be done as easily lying down.

Churchill Winston

I'll turn over a new leaf.

Churchill Winston

"Rights" is a fictional abstraction. No one has "Rights", neither machines nor flesh-and-blood. Persons... have opportunities, not rights, which they use or do not use.

Churchill Winston

Best Mistakes In Films In his "Filmgoer's Companion", Mr. Leslie Halliwell helpfully lists four of the cinema's greatest moments which you should get to see if at all possible. In "Carmen Jones", the camera tracks with Dorothy Dandridge down a st

Ciardi John

Campus sidewalks never exist as the straightest line between two points.

Ciardi John

It is a sobering thought that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years.

Ciardi John

Sorry 'bout that sweat, honey. That's just holy water.

Cicero Marcus Tullius

Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled.

Cicero Marcus Tullius

It is a wise father that knows his own child.

Claghorn Senator

If people say that here and there someone has been taken away and maltreated, I can only reply: You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Clapton Eric

The warning message we sent the Russians was a calculated ambiguity that would be clearly understood.

Clarence Darrow to William

Mate, this parrot wouldn't VOOM if you put four million volts through it!

Clark Alex

The Israelis are the Doberman pinschers of the Middle East. They treat the Arabs like postmen.

Clark Blake

Anybody has a right to evade taxes if he can get away with it. No citizen has a moral obligation to assist in maintaining his government.

Clark Ramsey

If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door.

Clarke Arthur

We're living in a golden age. All you need is gold.

Clarke Arthur C.

Tom Hayden is the kind of politician who gives opportunism a bad name.

Clarke Arthur C.

A priest asked: What is Fate, Master? And the Master answered: It is that which gives a beast of burden its reason for existence. It is that which men in former times had to bear upon their backs. It is that which has caused nations to build bywa

Cleaver Eldridge

Think sideways!


Let me assure you that to us here at First National, you're not just a number. Youre two numbers, a dash, three more numbers, another dash and another number.

Clement Hal

And yet, seasons must be taken with a grain of salt, for they too have a sense of humor, as does history. Corn stalks comedy, comedy stalks tragedy, and this too is historic. And yet, still, when corn meets tragedy face to face, we have politics.

Cleyre Voltarine de

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Clifton Fadiman

The rights and interests of the laboring man will be protected and cared for not by our labor agitators, but by the Christian men to whom God in his infinite wisdom has given control of property interests of the country, and upon the successful manag

Clopton R.

The IRS spends God knows how much of your tax money on these toll-free information hot lines staffed by IRS employees, whose idea of a dynamite tax tip is that you should print neatly. If you ask them a real tax question, such as how you can cheat,

Clough Arthur

Some performers on television appear to be horrible people, but when you finally get to know them in person, they turn out to be even worse.

Cocteau Jean

God is Dead.

Cocteau Jean

Only that in you which is me can hear what I'm saying.

Cohan George M.

I don't give a shit what happens. I want you all to stonewall it. Let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover up, or anything else if it'll save the plan.

Cohan George M.

There's small choice in rotten apples.

Cohen Mickey

If it were thought that anything I wrote was influenced by Robert Frost, I would take that particular work of mine, shred it, and flush it down the toilet, hoping not to clog the pipes. A more sententious, holding- forth old bore who expected every

Cohen Leonard

My advice to you, my violent friend, is to seek out gold and sit on it.

Cointment Joe

Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.

Coke Sir Edward

Fortune Documents the Great Legal Decisions: We think that we may take judicial notice of the fact that the term "bitch" may imply some feeling of endearment when applied to a female of the canine species but that it is seldom, if ever, so used whe

Col Lew

During almost fifteen centuries the legal establishment of Christianity has been upon trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity,; in both, superstition, bigo

Colby Frank Moore

Solipsists of the World... you are already united.

Colby F.M.

He thinks the Gettysburg Address is where Lincoln lived.


Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.

Colton C.C.

Some men are heterosexual, and some are bisexual, and some men don't think about sex at all... they become lawyers.

Comics Green Lantern

The time was the 19th of May, 1780. The place was Hartford, Connecticut. The day has gone down in New England history as a terrible foretaste of Judgement Day. For at noon the skies turned from blue to grey and by mid-afternoon had blackened over s


Illusion is the first of all pleasures.


The pollution's at that awkward stage. Too thick to navigate and too thin to cultivate.


There is no better way of exercising the imagination than the study of law. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets truth.


If you go on with this nuclear arms race, all you are going to do is make the rubble bounce.


If it doesn't smell yet, it's pretty fresh.


Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.


The chief cause of problems is solutions.


When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.


You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.


Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made.

Conrad Joseph

If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money it values more, it will lose that, too.

Conrad Joseph

Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. My advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it.

Coo Alistair

I do not patronize poor, ill educated, or disenfranchised people by exempting them from the same critical examination I feel free to direct toward the rest of society, however much I might champion the same minority or disadvantaged group in the foru

Cooke Alistair

Mike: "The Fourth Dimension is a shambles?" Bernie: "Nobody ever empties the ashtrays. People are SO inconsiderate."

Cooke Alistair

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Coolidge Calvin

It is by the fortune of God that, in this country, we have three benefits: freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the wisdom never to use either.

Coolidge Calvin

When asked by an anthropologist what the Indians called America before the white men came, an Indian said simply "Ours."

Coolidge Calvin

It is ridiculous to call this an industry. This is not. This is rat eat rat, dog eat dog. I'll kill 'em, and I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me. You're talking about the American way of survival of the fittest.

Coolidge Calvin

For the first time we have a weapon that nobody has used for thirty years. This gives me great hope for the human race.

Coolidge Calvin

Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer. [If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.]

Coolidge Calvin

I just asked myself... what would John DeLorean do?

Coolidge Calvin

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.

Cooper A.

There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.

Cooper Jeff

We are all worms. But I do believe I am a glowworm.

Corwin Prince of

We should be glad we're living in the time that we are. If any of us had been born into a more enlightened age, I'm sure we would have immediately been taken out and shot.

Costello E.

An old Jewish man reads about Einstein's theory of relativity in the newspaper and asks his scientist grandson to explain it to him. "Well, zayda, it's sort of like this. Einstein says that if you're having your teeth drilled without Novocain, a mi

Costello Elvis

Facts, apart from their relationships, are like labels on empty bottles.

Costello Elvis

Youth is a disease from which we all recover.

Costello Elvis

The clergy successfully preached the doctrines of patience and pusillanimity; the active virtues of society were discouraged; and the last remains of a military spirit were buried in the cloister: a large portion of public and private wealth was cons

Coult Alan

The American system of ours, call it Americanism, call it Capitalism, call it what you like, gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it.

Couple The Odd

Justice is incidental to law and order.

Cousins Norman

The only excuse for God is that he doesn't exist.

Cousins Norman

The greatest productive force is human selfishness.

Coward Noel

If a jury in a criminal trial stays out for more than twenty-four hours, it is certain to vote acquittal, save in those instances where it votes guilty.

Cowboy The

With women, I've got a long bamboo pole with a leather loop on the end of it. I slip the loop around their necks so they can't get away or come too close. Like catching snakes.

Crane Dr. Frank

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth.

Crane Frank

I don't have any solution but I certainly admire the problem.

Crane Stephen

Lo! Men have become the tool of their tools.

Crane Stephen

I am convinced that the truest act of courage is to sacrifice ourselves for others in a totally nonviolent struggle for justice. To be a man is to suffer for others.

Credo The Webb Wilder

Art is a jealous mistress.

Crisp Quentin

After the ground war began, captured Iraqi soldiers said any of them caught by superiors wearing a white T-shirt would be executed because of the ease with which the shirts could be used as surrender flags. Some Iraqi soldiers carried bleach with th

Crisp Quentin

If a man loses his reverence for any part of life, he will lose his reverence for all of life.

Crisp Quentin

The politician is someone who deals in man's problems of adjustment. To ask a politician to lead us is to ask the tail of a dog to lead the dog.

Croll John

Walking on water wasn't built in a day.

Cromwell Oliver

The Puritan hated bear-baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators.

Crosby Norm

The possession of a book becomes a substitute for reading it.

Crowe Joe

Look before you leap.

Crumb R.

That government is best which governs least.

Cuomo Mario

Several years ago, some smart businessmen had an idea: Why not build a big store where a do-it-yourselfer could get everything he needed at reasonable prices? Then they decided, nah, the hell with that, let's build a home center. And before long ho

Curtis Charles

Fortune and love befriend the bold.

Cynic Diogenes the

The rights you have are the rights given you by this Committee [the House Un-American Activities Committee]. We will determine what rights you have and what rights you have not got.

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Getting kicked out of the American Bar Association is liked getting kicked out of the Book-of-the-Month Club.
Melvin Belli

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