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It seems to me that nearly every woman I know wants a man who knows how to love with authority. Women are simple souls who like simple things, and one of the simplest is one of the simplest to give. ... Our family airedale will come clear across t

Ian Anderson of

The law will never make men free; it is men who have got to make the law free.

Ian Fleming

The use of money is all the advantage there is to having money.

Ibsen Henrik

... a thing called Ethics, whose nature was confusing but if you had it you were a High-Class Realtor and if you hadn't you were a shyster, a piker and a fly-by-night. These virtues awakened Confidence and enabled you to handle Bigger Propositions.

Imamu Amiri Baraka

Perhaps the remembrance of these things will prove a source of future pleasure.

Indiana Jones

Think sideways!

Interesting Mr.

I have never understood this liking for war. It panders to instincts already catered for within the scope of any respectable domestic establishment.

Ionesco Eugene

It's always darkest just before the lights go out.

Ionesco Eugene

How apt the poor are to be proud.

Ionesco Eugene

God helps them that help themselves.

Irving John

The two party system ... is a triumph of the dialectic. It showed that two could be one and one could be two and had probably been fabricated by Hegel for the American market on a subcontract from General Dynamics.

Isabella Mary Beeton

Things are more like they are today than they ever were before.

Italla Sven

Believe everything you hear about the world; nothing is too impossibly bad.

Izenour Robert Venturi

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There's nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos.
Hightower Jim

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