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Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.

V Kurt

I: The best way to make a silk purse from a sow's ear is to begin with a silk sow. The same is true of money. II: If today were half as good as tomorrow is supposed to be, it would probably be twice as good as yesterday was. III: There are

V Kurt

Nice guys finish last, but we get to sleep in.

Vader Darth

Brahma said: Well, after hearing ten thousand explanations, a fool is no wiser. But an intelligent man needs only two thousand five hundred.

Valery Paul

I didn't believe in reincarnation in any of my other lives. I don't see why I should have to believe in it in this one.

Valery Paul

A committee is a group that keeps the minutes and loses hours.

Values Symbols and

Talkers are no good doers.

Vare Daniele

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

Varro Marcus Terentius

The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists of "Ten Best".

Varro Marcus Terentius

Perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

Vasquez Tiburcio

The problem with any unwritten law is that you don't know where to go to erase it.

Vaughan Bill

Divorce is a game played by lawyers.

Vaughn Bill

If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money it values more, it will lose that, too.


The college graduate is presented with a sheepskin to cover his intellectual nakedness.

Veeck Bill

No poet or novelist wishes he was the only one who ever lived, but most of them wish they were the only one alive, and quite a number fondly believe their wish has been granted.

Veeck Bill

It's not a sin not to be Irish, but it is a great shame.

Vega Lope de

Somehow I reached excess without ever noticing when I was passing through satisfaction.

Veiled Minna Antrim

I'm going to raise an issue and stick it in your ear.

Venkman Dr. Peter

A woman occasionally is quite a serviceable substitute for masturbation. It takes an abundance of imagination, to be sure.

Vidal Gore

Whenever the literary German dives into a sentence, that is the last you are going to see of him until he emerges on the other side of his Atlantic with his verb in his mouth.

Vidal Gore

The most common given name in the world is Mohammad; the most common family name in the world is Chang. Can you imagine the enormous number of people in the world named Mohammad Chang?

Vidal Gore

Sho' they got to have it against the law. Shoot, ever'body git high, they wouldn't be nobody git up and feed the chickens. Hee-hee.

Vidal Gore

Goals... Plans... they're fantasies, they're part of a dream world...

Vidal Gore

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

Vidal Gore

The Worst Prison Guards The largest number of convicts ever to escape simultaneously from a maximum security prison is 124. This record is held by Alcoente Prison, near Lisbon in Portugal. During the weeks leading up to the escape in July 1978 th

Vidal Gore

"There is no Father Christmas. It's just a marketing ploy to make low income parents' lives a misery." "... I want you to picture the trusting face of a child, streaked with tears because of what you just said." "I want you to picture the face of

VietNam Good Morning

We'll be recording at the Paradise Friday night. Live, on the Death label.

Villa Pancho

I am America's child, a spastic slogging on demented limbs drooling I'll trade my PhD for a telephone voice.

Vinci Leonardo da

Competence, like truth, beauty, and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder.

Vinci Leonardo da

If a jury in a criminal trial stays out for more than twenty-four hours, it is certain to vote acquittal, save in those instances where it votes guilty.


We are giving instruction to FBI agents in the various Chinese dialects ... to handle present and likely future contingencies.

Virginia Woolf

An ounce of hypocrisy is worth a pound of ambition.


Anything is possible on paper.


Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember, it didn't help the rabbit.


Man is a military animal, glories in gunpowder, and loves parade.


Boston State House is the hub of the Solar System. You couldn't pry that out of a Boston man if you had the tire of all creation straightened out for a crowbar.


United Nations, New York, December 25. The peace and joy of the Christmas season was marred by a proclamation of a general strike of all the military forces of the world. Panic reigns in the hearts of all the patriots of every persuasion. Meanwhil


Many enraged psychiatrists are inciting a weary butcher. The butcher is weary and tired because he has cut meat and steak and lamb for hours and weeks. He does not desire to chant about anything with raving psychiatrists, but he sings about his gin


Men freely believe that what they wish to desire.


"What was the worst thing you've ever done?" "I won't tell you that, but I'll tell you the worst thing that ever happened to me... the most dreadful thing."


When a shepherd goes to kill a wolf, and takes his dog along to see the sport, he should take care to avoid mistakes. The dog has certain relationships to the wolf the shepherd may have forgotten.

Vonnegu Bokonon

... indifference is a militant thing ... when it goes away it leaves smoking ruins, where lie citizens bayonetted through the throat. It is not a children's pastime like mere highway robbery.

Vonnegut Kurt

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth.

Vries Peter de

In Dr. Johnson's famous dictionary patriotism is defined as the last resort of the scoundrel. With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer I beg to submit that it is the first.


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