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With all the talent around, it's sort of amazing that a woman could be up here with us.

Zanuck Darryl F.

Think lucky. If you fall in a pond, check your pockets for fish.

Zappa Frank

Even the best of friends cannot attend each other's funeral.

Zappa Frank

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.

Zappa Frank

All phone calls are obscene.

Zelazny Roger

Three minutes' thought would suffice to find this out; but thought is irksome and three minutes is a long time.


Sho' they got to have it against the law. Shoot, ever'body git high, they wouldn't be nobody git up and feed the chickens. Hee-hee.

Zimmer Marion Bradley

The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.


Two can Live as Cheaply as One for Half as Long.

Zukav Gary

"No job too big; no fee too big!"

Zwart Elizabeth Clarkson

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To be excellent when engaged in administration is to be like the North Star. As it remains in its one position, all the other stars surround it.

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